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What we did while Mom was gone. (part 1)
March 31, 2010, 10:33 am
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Hello, Our mom is in mn. We have done some things while she was gone. 1) We went to the national leprachaun musem. When you walked in there you went through a tunnell that was like supposed to make you feel like you shrank in to leprachaun size. Then you walked under the giants causeway. Which was cool only a little boring. Then you went to this room with GIANT furniture. It had a giant love seat and giant table and chairs that you could climb on. Then this room with a map of ireland and told like where in ireland faries lived and so on. then you went through the rain room. This room was a little cheap. It was just a room with umbrellas stuck everywhere. then the rainbow. This was a hallway with multi colored strings hanging from the ceiling that you ran through. Then of course the pot of gold at theend. Which was a tiny pot of gold painted rocks. Then an orange room. It was like a celtic tiger room or something. Then a hallway with a story on the wall and trees on the otherside of the wall. Then it ended with a room where they told stories and you could draw pictures. 2) We also went to my dance recital. It was it Johnstown (my school). 3) We have seen LOADS of movies and flown tons of kites.4) Ate at a restaraunt called seapoint which has the best french fries ever!

Library Competions
October 19, 2007, 4:30 pm
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Our classroom has it’s own library every fortnight (aka 2 weeks) we have 2 new librarins,they are in charge of the library for that peirod of time,they get to make up a competion so far we’v had dressing up,and darwing bookmarks.The librarins are the judes.I haven’t been a librain (yet) but I have won I won 2nd place I won a braclet!

New author in Town!
October 18, 2007, 7:22 pm
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Hi i’m Lily one of the newest authors of this blog (I must confess that I already wrote a post called:Just me and Mom).My mom’s name is Ann.I know that most of you already know me but not everyone(yet).I usaly play with Alva and Laura.I know that you all know I moved to Ireland.My teacher’s name is Ms.Phelan.I go to a all girl school.A author came to visit our class her name is Margrit Cruickshank she wrote over 30 books, my teacher was like freacking out over making our class and how it looks. I thought it looked so,so,so clean but a bit bare because she wanted us to take everything off our tables.

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