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Last look at Toronto, quick look at Niagara Falls by Ann Treacy
July 10, 2016, 2:11 am
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Dad and I took one last walk in Toronto while teen scene slept. We walked from the house to a shore of Lake Ontario. It feels a little bit like Lake Superior in Duluth (if you look at the lake) and like Lake Michigan in Chicago (if you look at the millions of fancy high rise apartments).

We walked by the Hockey Hall of Fame. We walked by a place where Charles Dickens had spent the night. Walked through another campus of George Brown College and the Aquarium, which is supposed to be good.

In short we did everything that made the girls glad they slept in. But I enjoyed it!

Then we drove toward Scranton – our destination for the night. We stopped on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls, because I think the Canadian side is amazing. It was a quick trip but we got some great pictures.

Then we had a quick lunch in NY. Lucia pointed out it was good to be home where you get 412 options on the menu in the restaurant. Now the girls are swimming. Grandpa is in his room. I am enjoying a moment alone!


Road Trip: Toronto markets, colleges and street art by Ann Treacy
July 8, 2016, 10:45 pm
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We’re on a summer road trip; it’s me, the girls, a friend and Grandpa. We spent the first night in Chicago. It was fun to see the cousins. We plowed through the second day to Toronto – with a drive-by sighting of Detroit for me.

I have to start by saying that Grandma found us an amazing place to stay in Toronto via AirBnB. It’s pretty central, very cool and plenty of room for everyone. And the beauty of AirBnB is that you can get some insider tips from your host.

We got in just in time for dinner and had a delicious meal at the House of Parliament – upon recommendation. Granted it was a gastro pub, but it really did have food that was more UK than US – smoked salmon and sticky toffee pudding. Yum!

Today we started the day at the St Lawrence Market. I was expected boutiques or flea market type stuff. It’s really an expanded food market. It was a perfect place for everyone to start getting their bearings.

The Lily and I took the subway to check out George Brown College. It appears to be in a very nice neighborhood – and of course it’s always fun to take an underground. I’m not sure this is top of her list – although Toronto might be. Kate, Aine and Lucia hit the shopping district and we met up with them after our meeting at the school.

Then the older girls hit the streets for more shopping while Aine and I walked back to the house – maybe not directly back. We visited a gallery, checked out the Blue Jay’s stadium and the Canadian Walk of Celebrity, we saw plenty of street art and Aine talked me in to getting her hot chocolate, a muffin and a chocolate croissant.



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