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International Bog Day by Ann Treacy
July 29, 2009, 11:04 pm
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To celebrate International Bog day, the girls and I went to the Bog of Allen with Irish Grandma and Uncle Fearghal. First props to Irish Grandma and Fearghal for being up for a trip to a bog. Not just everyone would be so easy going.

We started our trip with a very un-bog-like meal in Clane. We found an amazing restaurant called Zest Café. I had pâté, lobster ravioli and crème brulée. It was very good. Clane was on the way to the Bog of Allen; both are in County Kildare. It’s a pretty area – it looks more like Minnesota than a lot of Ireland. There aren’t many mountains, so sea but lots of good farming land – and a big ‘ol bog.

We went to the Nature Center just as it was closing – but we got to learn a little bit about bogs. Then we snuck into the back garden where we got to see Venus Fly Traps and Cobra Lilies. I’m not super sure about the connection to the blog – but Lily did a ton of research on both last year while looking for a “pet” that I might approve. She knew exactly how each would try its prey.

We got a little locked in the back garden. A new mystery for me is how Irish Grandma got over the fence – once again proving how easy going she is. (And I can’t believe no one was ready with the camera to chronicle the mystery!)

Finally on the way home we stopped in to trek – maybe plunge is a better word – into the bog. It was fun – but mucky. Kate was the first to get stuck. Then Aine really got stuck. I pulled her out and she lost a shoe. I was about to get angry when my own shoe gave way and I ended up with a black sock. I forgot how mucky bogs could be. I think we all left with a new appreciation of bog bodies. I pointed out that if they found us under the bog in a century at least they’d know that we had eaten well.

I think Fearghal had the best line of the day when he said, “Girls this is probably the most Irish thing you’ve ever done.” (Fearghal gets extra props for not saying anything about muddy shoes and feet in his clean car!)

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