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Sunday in Kilkenny by Ann Treacy
March 18, 2008, 12:44 pm
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Sometimes I wonder why we ever try to leave Dublin. It rarely works out as we intended. Patrick’s brother Michael is in town from Australia. He has a car. So we headed to Kilkenny. Actually I’ve missed an important fact, Patrick had set up an interview with some woman in Kilkenny and apparently the rest of us were along for moral support.

Kilkenny is about a 2 hour drive away. We were almost there when Aine threw up all over herself and me. And I mean really threw up! You can’t necessarily stop right away so we drove until we ran into a hotel – where we went in and tried to clean up. About the only good thing I can say – is somehow she missed my hair entirely.

So we got back into the car, drove around town and eventually ended up in a mall to get new clothes. I was so soaked, I had to think about whether I needed to buy a new bra! Apparently Kilkenny doesn’t take credit cards – luckily we had cash but we spent way more money than we wanted on our trip and of course if always hurts more whne it’s cash.

Then we had 1 hour to spare before we dropped Patrick off about 15 minutes out of the city for his interview. So, we had a very OK quickie lunch. We dropped off Patrick and headed back to town to tour the Kilkenny Castle.

Unfortunately the castle was booked out – although we did manage to take an unsanctioned mini tour of the old part of the castle, which was very cool. I’m not always as interested in the restored portions as I am the medieval roots of the castle. Also I’m not entirely sure that the guides would have let us be as free with the cameras as we let ourselves be.

The Castle grounds are beautiful – unfortunately the playground area was mostly off limits. It had been cordoned off.

So that took up some time. We were waiting for Patrick to phone when he was done with his interview. He hadn’t called yet. So we looked for someplace to get a treat. Unfortunately Patrick left me with NO money, which was very awkward but it turns out it didn’t matter that much.

Most coffee shops were closed. We started looking for a place just as a big hurling match ended so everywhere was packed. We found a place in a hotel, but after 15 minutes of no one approaching us (and given the fact that I had not money) I suggested we go back towards the house where Patrick was.

So we drove back and there was an Italian restaurant – but apparently they didn’t have dessert. So we hung around until Patrick called (after his 3 hour interview) and then we went home. Patrick’s brother is a very good sport to driven him around like that and to get stuck with us.

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