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Short trips around Dublin while I plan to break all of the plates at home by Ann Treacy
March 11, 2014, 10:30 am
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So after the funeral we spent a lot of time packing up Patrick’s mom’s house with the Australian contingency. We threw out things like a broken crib in the attic that had to be 40 years old and bubble wrapped about 1000 plates and knick knacks. So my plan when I get home is to break all of the plates I own and we’ll be eating off paper for the rest of my days. To be fair, I’m not really one for knick knacks anyways but man bubble wrapping will curb any saver tendencies. The girls can just fight over the mostly modern art on the walls and the backlog of laptops from days gone by.

Between the packing we did get in a few walking trips and visits.

We went into town for the markets and cupcakes, we went to Howth to see the seals, we went to Dun Laoghaire to walk the pier, Aine and I walked from Bray to Greystones and finally we found ourselves in Powerscourt and Glendalough – where the terrible St Kevin pushed the beautiful Kathleen into the lake. Uncle Michael had a car – a car for us in Dublin is a very rare treat. It was fun to be able to get to places so easily.

Zombies, Breakdancing, Roller Girls by Ann Treacy
July 26, 2011, 11:52 am
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Yup just a regular Saturday for us – Zombies, Breakdancing, Roller Girls and more. Actually even for us last Saturday was a pretty full day. We started with the Dublin Zombie Walk in Stephen’s Green. There must have been thousands of zombies – it was great. Some people clearly spent hours on their makeup and costume. We spent quite a few minutes.

There were at least two highlights from the zombie tour. First it was great to see the zombies attack the buses. They just left trails of blood all over the buses and you could see that the people on the bus had no idea of what was going on. Then the zombies attacked St Ann’s Church on Dawson Street. It’s where Bram Stoker was married. Also it’s kind of a creepy looking church in its own right. Very cool to see the zombies against that back drop.

We left the zombies march after half an hour or so to see the Graffiti and Breakdancing Festival. It has grown in the last two years! The graffiti was great. We heard some great music – depending on who you ask. (Some people are old before their time!) The girls got to try Mountain Dew plus, which we later read was not for under 18s. I’m sure the extra surge was good for Aine.

Then a quick trip to Reptile World. Our friend John (who was with us) knows the owner, who unfortunately wasn’t there. Well I say unfortunately, but I don’t mean it. I feel we would have been even closer to the snakes and creepy crawlies than I ever want to be had he been there.

Then off to Greystones for the Roller Girls. Roller girls in Dublin is different. It’s much newer here – so the skating isn’t as good as back home. It’s more like the skating in St Paul was a few years ago. But the skating in Dublin is tough! The jammers try to knock each other over. Lots more hip checks than I remember in MN. Also the bout was in a gym – not the Roy Wilkins. I suspect that in a couple of years they will have moved into a better (read cooler) location – closer to the city and in a night club setting versus leisureplex.

(In fairness Greystones is beautiful and the trek out there was very pretty.)

Finally, we headed back to Cabinteely where there was an outdoor ceili dance. It was good – lots of local food vendors, music and plenty of people.

Then we fell into bed!!


Birthday party at Gordon Ramsay’s by Ann Treacy
March 1, 2010, 12:28 pm
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Irish Grandma’s birthday is February 29 – but we celebrated on February 28. Fearghal sent me an email earlier in the week so say everything was arranged and he would pick us up at 12:30 on Sunday. He wouldn’t tell us where we were going. Some guessed the Roundwood Inn; but I thought that was too obvious. What none of us expected was the Gordon Ramsay restaurant at the Ritz-Carlton in Wicklow.

First, the hotel is beautiful! The setting is amazing. The restaurant a lower floor so I was amazed to see how wonderful the view was- you overlook the Sugarloaf Mountain. Apparently in the summer they have lunches out on the veranda. On Sunday they let the kids run around a bit out there between courses.

The service is stellar, as you would imagine. The girls tried to sneak from the bathroom to the table without anyone opening a door for them. I think the succeeded once. The food was wonderful. I had red pepper risotto for starter, tuna for mains and raspberry financiers with apple ice cream for dessert. We started with an amuse bouche of soup and a ton of bread. And we ended with a few trays of petit fours. We should never need to eat again. My favorite was the dessert. The apple ice cream was tart and was such an unusual but good blend with the raspberries. Also Kate got cookies and milk and shared so I got my chocolate fix too. It was a spectacular meal and Fearghal was so generous to invite all of us. We would have understood if he only brought Irish Grandma.

Gordon wasn’t there – but that’s OK we enjoyed the serenity of no one yelling. It really is a very relaxing place. We could get used to the lifestyle. Aine announced right away that she would be happy to live in the hotel. Lily gave Irish Grandma a rosary that she had made, which was very nice.

Hunter’s Hotel and Avoca by Ann Treacy
June 18, 2008, 4:47 pm
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On Sunday we had out final outing with Fearghal. Patrick ditched us to see some archive of letters near Kilkenny. If he wants people to know more, he’ll have to start his own darned blog.

The rest of us went to lunch at Hunter’s Hotel in Rathnew, Wicklow. It is an old hotel. I think Lily put it best when she described it to Patrick “It’s old like Shakespeare – no more like Yeats.” Yeats was closer. I think it was built in the 1700s and has been run by the same family since 1820.

The gardens around the place were beautiful. The restaurant was very, very formal and old school. I felt like I was in school when the waitress came to take our order. I didn’t seem to do it quite right – but it was funny. The food was very good.

The best part of the dinner was when a bird flew into the restaurant. The staff was incredibly calm. One hostess calmly and quickly grabbed the bird with her bare hands but he got away. So then another staff member – the official bird catcher we assume – caught it and set it free outside.

After dinner we went to Avoca, the real life setting of Ballykissangel – a TV show that airs occasionally on PBS. What’s fun is that I’ve always wanted to visit Avoca. Fearghal has a knack for picking just the right place to visit. He’s good that way. We are going to miss Fearghal a lot when we go home. He’s been so generous to us while we’ve been here. In fact, the weekend we were in Dromahair, Aine asked her grandma if Fearghal missed us.

Saturday in Greystones by Ann Treacy
January 21, 2008, 5:34 pm
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Sadly Patrick went to a funeral on Saturday. It was for the mother of a friend of his.

At the funeral Patrick ran into friends of his who have not actually immigrated or who have returned from immigrating. Subsequently we went out Saturday night with his friends in Greystones, which is an outer ring beachside suburb of Dublin – although it might be in Wicklow.

So we met up with David & Andrea Kelly and Paul Jordan. I remembered Paul and David from years back – Andrea is David’s wife, from Checkoslovakia. It was fun to talk to them. We had a great night.

Paul picked us up, we met friends at the pub, it was kind of like being at home.


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