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Google Earth by Ann Treacy
January 27, 2010, 12:46 pm
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People have often been amazed at how much we do in Ireland. Well here’s a secret, we do a ton over the weekend but we don’t do much during the week. In fact the weeks can get a little long for us – at least for me and the girls. So we’ve decided to spend one night a week learning something new on the computer. Last night we took on Google Earth.

Google Earth is cool! You have to download it, which seemed to take a long time to work but after that it’s easy. You can plug in a location (address, city country) and you’ll be “zoomed” there. So if you’ve been looking at Florida and you decide to move to California, the computer will sort of fly over the country to get there – you’ll see the land below as the computer moves to CA.

What you’re looking at is an aerial map. So you can see geographic and political details depending on how close you’ve zoomed in. You can zoom out enough to follow the Mississippi from start to finish or you can zoom in to see if anyone is parked in from of your house. Well, the pictures aren’t real time but you can definitely see if anyone was parked on the day that Google scanned your area. What’s also very cool is that people can post pictures and information at various places on the map.

We went to see the Hollywood sign, our house on Fairmount Ave (no snow in the picture!), Italy, Spain, Antarctica, you name it we went there. We went to Hawaii and the girls saw pictures of volcanoes erupting. We went to Glengarriff – where we are going to stay with my parents when they visit in May. We are super excited to go there now! We trekked to see how far the boat trip is from Dun Laoghaire to Holyhead (Wales), which is a trip we’ve been thinking about taking.

So Google Earth gets 4 thumbs from us!

And speaking of maps … I walked to Dun Laoghaire today. According to Google Maps, that’s 15 km. (As I said, the week gets a little long.)

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