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Little Rock: 9 brave students and 1 President by Ann Treacy
June 10, 2015, 7:29 pm
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Day three of the road trip started in Little Rock. The first place we visited was the Little Rock Central High School – ground zero (maybe birthplace?) of school desegregation. In 1957 (same year Grandpa started High School), nine African-American students were denied entrance into the school, despite the 1954 Supreme Court order to integrate (Brown v Board of Ed). They arrived the following day with an army behind them.

On day one there were apparently 1,000 protestors.  I can’t even imagine how many protestors, guards and hopefully some supporters on day two. I’ve seen the pictures but what I didn’t realize until we visited was how big and fancy the school is. (Note for those who don’t know I went to a very small high school. Not even a little bit fancy.)

There’s just something about the stairs and the majesty of the building that increases my awe of the young students who bravely went to school – as was their right.

We left armed with books to read on the issue. It was hard for the girls to believe how recent the event was.

We also went to the Clinton Library – but due to two sleeping teens in the car our visit was very brief.

Then we drove for roughly 400 hours – at 55 mph – to get to Baton Rouge. (All of the locals drove the speed limit, which made us nervous!)

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