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Planes, trains and automobiles – not for us! by Ann Treacy
April 6, 2010, 9:32 pm
Filed under: Edinburgh

So it turns out that while Scotland is very near to Ireland on the map, it’s not so close on the ground. Actually I knew that going in but it certainly gives me time for blog posts!

We started out yesterday on a bus to town (Dublin), got a coach (fancy bus) to Belfast, took a taxi to the harbor, got a boat to Stanraer, now we’re on the train that takes us to the big train that takes us to Glasgow, where we’ll change trains for Edinburgh and probably we’ll end up in a taxi to the apartment in Edinburgh. Whew!

So far the boat is the favorite mode of transportation. There’s a kids’ play area, arcade, pub, restaurant, seats to watch movies and more. You can walk around the whole time if you want. Aine and Kate got their nails down. We had choice seats right at the back of the boat where we could watch Belfast get smaller and we could see land two hours later when we got close to Stanraer. The sailing was a little choppy – and they wanted us it would be. But – and I remember this from taking the boat from Holyhead to Dun Laoghaire years ago – it doesn’t seem so bad if you can get outside and see the water.

My Internet connection is spotty. I have a whole new appreciation for folks who are stuck with satellite. That’s what we had on the boat – I couldn’t do much. We’re going through rural Scotland now – I’m afraid Aine is going to hurt someone’s feelings by asking continually if we’re still in the middle of nowhere.

As long as this is, I’m glad that we have a chance to take our slow boat/bus/train/taxi trip. Obviously we spend a lot of time in Minnesota and Ireland. SO the girls know how life is different in each – but we don’t always have a good gauge on what differences are uniquely Irish or Minnesotan as opposed to European (or British) and American. For example Aine has asked me about a dozen times if there will be a pool at the hotel. (No there won’t be. As there is rarely a pool at the hotel in Europe and we’re not staying in a hotel, we’re staying in an apartment. Because there are apparently few to no hotel rooms big enough for a family of 5 in Europe.) I can generalize across Europe because we did look into visiting a few places – Scotland won.

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