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8 more stitches for Aine by Ann Treacy
April 13, 2011, 4:13 am
Filed under: St Paul

On Monday I got a call from school. Aine had run into the corner of a wall and maybe she shouldn’t walk home from school today. Well, I hope the corner is missing a chunk – as her forehead definitely is!

We went straight to Children’s Hospital. I cannot say enough nice things about the staff there. I was a little worried when there was no one at the welcome desk – but the reason seemed to be that we could go directly to a triage nurse who was quick to wave us in. I kind of knew the drill since we’ve gone for stitches on our forehead at Children’s before. They got us all checked in – and by checked in, I don’t mean with insurance et al. I mean with description of what happened and some numbing ointment for the cut.

We sat in the waiting room for less than 10 minutes before they called us back for our own room. I knew it took 45 minutes for the numbing gel to work – so we waited. Sadly Aine got sicker. She mentioned to the doctor that her throat hurt. A few minutes later she started throwing up. I was worried about a concussion – but it turned out to be strep.

A nurse came in and described the procedure to Aine. She showed her all of the sterile equipment they would use. Then the stitcher came in to do her magic. Apparently there’s someone on staff who simply sews up kids all day long. Aine got 8 stitches; 6 external and 2 internal. Apparently they could see bone through the cut. Aine was clearly very uncomfortable through the process, but she didn’t cry.

Once the procedure was done she was back to talking a mile a minute and didn’t stop until she finally fell asleep at home around 8 pm.

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