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Day One: Lily moves to Montreal – the arrival by Ann Treacy
November 13, 2022, 3:55 pm
Filed under: Montreal

Lily is moving to Montreal. I’m so excited for her and a little sad for me except I now know it’s only a two-hour flight and the folks with Air Canada are the nicest. I was super honored when Lily asked me to help her move. I know part of my role was to help carry luggage. In the picture below you can see everything we had; my bag is the white book bag in front.

She is living in a house share. We met her roommates briefly; they seem very nice. Her room is on the small side but high ceilings, comes with some furniture and eminently affordable. Lily is able to move here because she graduated from University of Winnipeg so she is eligible for a work permit in Canada. She chose Montreal because she has some friends here. (More on that soon.) Her plan is to learn French. In fact, she can get paid $200 a week to learn French full time. Not bad when your rent is $200. Once she’s established she can get a job. She also wants a radio show and to get involved in the zine community.

We met up with some of her friend Charlie. They seem like a lot of fun but also seem to really care about Lily. Community was forming immediately! Charlie’s friend (Alex) was involved in community art and working on something big with political underpinnings in rural Quebec, which sounded amazing.

We found ourselves at a dance club that reminded me of quirky dance places in Spain. Super fun but slightly off-brand. Like drinking Dight Rite instead of Diet Coke but not in a bad way. We also checked out a few bars that we more my speed.

We arrived after dark but I can already see the city is very European. Apartments built close to the sidewalks and more duplexes and triplexes than apartment blocks, at least where we are. The murals are awesome. I’ll include a few but I’m sure I’ll do a whole post on them later.

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